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No Greater Gift



For it is in giving that we receive.

—St Francis of Assisi

No Greater Gift was founded on a passion for creativity and a strong desire to bring happiness and positivity to those around us. At No Greater Gift, we provide high quality gifts that are mindfully priced to fit a variety of budgets. Our mission is to make giving and receiving gifts a happy and positive experience. We want every interaction with our company to reflect our passion for thoughtful giving.


Not only do we supply welcome gifts to new homeowners, we also supply gift baskets for any occasion! Carrie has been making gift baskets for nearly a decade and has sold over 800 gift bags to developers, homeowner’s associations and realtors.


Our gifts are carefully hand packaged inside attractive reusable baskets and totes which are then bundled up with high quality ribbon. Gift packaging is included with every product. Make someone’s day and send a gift basket to someone you know!

Our Online Store is Coming Soon!

But for now, here are some of our popular baskets & mailers.



Carrie Neville

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Our Founder

Carrie is a former attorney from Michigan (Go Blue!) and has always been very giving. While practicing law, she served as guardian and conservator for many elderly individuals. She often brought the wards gifts to brighten their day while in the nursing home. She has always believed that you do not need a reason or a special occasion to give a gift.

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